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Everylash Black Magnetic Eyeliner

Everylash Black Magnetic Eyeliner

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Everylash Black Magnetic Eyeliner 

Our BLACK MAGNETIC LINER is the strongest magnetic liner on the market. After years of testing, we’re certain this liner will keep our magnetic lashes firmly attached to your eye line. 

When the liner is paired with the 10 micro magnets on each one of our premium magnetic lashes, the liner and lash stay firmly attached to your eye line for an all-day wear.

  • 1 bottle of black magnetic liner
  • Lasts up to 60 all-day wears 
  • Waterproof formula
  • Pair with Everylash magnetic lash styles for the perfect all-day wear! 

How to Apply

  • Apply everylash magnetic liquid eyeliner along lash line and allow to dry completely for one minute before applying lashes.
  • Place lashes securely on dried liner.
  • To remove eyelashes, gently peel the lashes from your outer lash toward your inner eye.
  • Use standard makeup removal product along lashes to remove eyeliner completely.
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